Tomorrow The Revolution Happens: How 3D Printing Will Change Everything


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Tomorrow The Revolution Happens: How 3D Printing Will Change Everything

Chicago, July 24th, 2014

What if you could put your product in customers’ hands at the exact moment they need it and will use it? The 3D printing revolution could eventually make this a reality – and sooner than we think.

Sound like science fiction? Not according to Steve McGinnes, Managing Director, Brand Development Group, at SGK. In his BrandSquare webinar, Tomorrow the Revolution Happens: How 3D Printing Could Change Everything, Steve discussed the vast opportunities and challenges 3D printing poses.

Today’s brands face geographic, legal, practical and price barriers that keep them from their consumers. However, 3D printing would allow for the consumer to have immediate access to any brand. This means consumers will be able to instantly select, produce and consume thousands of products without leaving their armchairs, desks or cars. Consumers will literally be able to push a button and the product will be created in front of their eyes, placing big brands and budding startups on the same playing field.

Of course, traditional markets will continue to exist. People won’t stop shopping in stores or dining at restaurants because they enjoy the experience and thrive on the interaction it brings. 3D printing is simply a new, smart route to market that will open up new categories. Brave, innovative brands will recognize the opportunities and adapt to the challenges it may present.

Though these changes won’t occur overnight, brands certainly can’t ignore the possibilities that 3D printing entails. Being able to get any branded product into consumers’ homes always comes back to what the brand is about in the first place. What does your brand stand for? Is your brand meaningful? The brands that have a strong identity and play a distinct role in their consumers’ lives will thrive in this new channel.

3D printing technology already exists, the question now is which brands will be among the first to fully leverage it?

Learn more about how 3D printing will revolutionize the way people choose, buy and consume.



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