Brandimage Teams Up With Accor to Implement Its New Strategy: Bringing Augmented Hospitality To Life


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Brandimage Teams Up With Accor to Implement Its New Strategy: Bringing Augmented Hospitality To Life

Paris, February 27th, 2019

Paris, February 27, 2019 — Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, announced the launch of Accor’s new corporate identity and lifestyle loyalty program.

New Accor corporate positioning and identity
To support Accor’s business transformation from hotel operator to lifestyle ecosystem, express its business strategy of ‘augmented hospitality’, and reflect recent acquisitions, Brandimage supported Accor in creating a new brand platform, portfolio, architecture, and visual brand world.

Accor is positioned as a corporate, premium, high-performance brand that imagines the future of hospitality, centered around a holistic, revolutionary ecosystem of Live, Work, Play brands, and Business Accelerators that amplify hospitality performance. The corporate transformation continues internally, with a streamlining of the group’s internal brand architecture. Accor’s new signature—“Live Limitless”—expresses the group’s ambition to connect and elevate lifestyle moments, and the belief that boundless hospitality brings inspiration to life. 

To reflect the premium composition of its brand portfolio, Brandimage designed a new visual brand world for Accor, including a new corporate logo. Accor’s new branding reflects a noticeably more premium positioning, and asserts its leadership in luxury and lifestyle hospitality.

The Accor visual identity
The new logo, designed as an assertive, upscale and emblematic brand, is built around the initial A and the bernache goose, the historical sign of the brand since its founding. Together, the two form a monogram, a seal of excellence reminiscent of great luxury houses.

The monogram is complemented by a proprietary brand pattern, embossed in application to premiumise the image of the brand. The brand's color code of gold and blue positions the group within the luxury world and is enriched by secondary, muted and subtle colors.

Brandimage designed an open and contemporary ‘Bernache’ typeface, which reflects the universe of modern luxury. The imagery style of the Accor brand is illustrated by aerial shots, complemented in composition by images showing opposing points of view—together, a macro/micro play on perspective that highlights Accor’s far-reaching vision.

New Accor lifestyle loyalty program: ALL Accor live limitless
To bring the group’s business strategy to life, Brandimage supported Accor in creating the concept for a revolutionary new loyalty program. ALL—Accor Live Limitless will be a fully integrated global platform integrating rewards, services, and experiences across Accor’s entire ecosystem, bringing augmented hospitality to everyday life. 

Connecting the group’s Live, Work, and Play brands, this disruptive program will allow Accor to recognize, understand, communicate with and reward guests like never before, giving them access to “ALL of Accor.”  It transforms Accor’s business strategy into a tangible experience and product, and serves as the proof point for its business transformation from hospitality operator to lifestyle ecosystem. It also serves the crucial role of giving visibility to the group’s portfolio of brands, and powering synergies within it. 

ALL streamlines the group’s distribution and loyalty platform into one, and will be above all, mobile-first. As an example of the exciting experiences it will give access to, ALL is staging its launch through a global partnership with renowned football club Paris Saint-Germain.

The ALL brand
ALL was created to be the central consumer-facing hub, and a relation/companion brand to everyday life. Its full name—Accor Live Limitless—reflects a lifestyle attitude to never stop exploring, never cease to be inspired. Its acronym ALL, expresses “All of Accor, all for you.” It is a daring, modern expression shortened for the digital age, and is intended to be embedded into brand language.

To express its lifestyle positioning, the brand color is a rich, bright teal. Combined with its central brand device—the mosaic—it expresses the limitless diversity of the brand’s experiences and its boundless spirit.

The two distinctive brands, Accor and ALL, are connected irrefutably by the name Accor, which establishes their relationship to each other, as well as the brand’s ‘iconic A’ monogram. 

Brandimage SGK
To drive this global project, Brandimage Paris used the support of its international SGK network and worked in tight collaboration with its offices in Sydney, Shanghai and New York.

Brandimage is a global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers. Brandimage creates brands that drive brand performance. Brandimage is part of the brand development group of SGK. SGK is part of Matthews International Corporation.

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