Together with Wavestone, Brandimage gives birth to a new player in consultancy


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Together with Wavestone, Brandimage gives birth to a new player in consultancy

Paris, October 4th, 2016

Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, created a new brand to bring forward the ambitions of a new independent consultancy firm, Wavestone.

Wavestone is a new generation in consultancy, forged from the merger of Solucom’s and Kurt Salmon’s European business teams (excluding retail and consumer goods out of France). Its mission: enlighten and guide the leaders of today and tomorrow, in their most strategic decisions.

Brandimage accompanied this creation through an ambitious collaborative approach, which involved 2,500 associates to define the brand platform and develop name proposals, all in the short span of six months, to create the new brand identity.

Wavestone is an international brand whose expertise lies on stability’s strength and the movement’s energy.

Brandimage created an identity that highlights the difference of this new practice with a singular and statutory typography, where every letter is designed to better assert the power of the name. With its momentum, this typography reflects the vision and philosophy of the Wavestone consulting firm: exemplify change with a long-term strategy as the guideline.

The W, first letter of the brand, was designed to incarnate a triple symbolic:

  • As a whole, it is the double tick that confirms the breadth and depth of its expertise and the proficiency in all industries
  • At its start, it evokes the two parallels that indicate the direction, the way to follow, the long term vision
  • At its end, it is a dynamic and flowing V that opens on the future, and reaffirms the dynamic of the movement towards victory and success.

Purple - a unique color in the sphere of consulting business -, conveys the spirit of the brand, reinforces the statutory composition and symbolizes power.

Pascal Imbert, the company’s Chairman, said: “We created Wavestone with a single goal in mind: to provide our clients with an offer that exists nowhere else in the market, drawing on the formidable potential created by combining our expertise. Strategy translated into action; from the core drivers of our clients’ businesses into technology: that is Wavestone’s ambition.”

In a world where permanent evolution is key to success, Brandimage created an identity that mirrors Wavestone’s unique value proposition. 


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